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Go With a Flow is a wellness and yoga blog where the philosophy is centered around embracing the concept of acceptance and finding growth through discomfort. We believe in acknowledging the things that are beyond our control and focusing on fostering a positive mindset amidst challenges.

Our approach encourages you to flow with life’s currents, understanding that there will be circumstances beyond your influence. By accepting what cannot be changed, we create space for personal transformation and growth…

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And there is a lot going on, can you be the eye of the storm, can you be the stillness, steadiness a shining example what’s possible?

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Envisioning Safety Amidst Chaos


My name is Sasha

Becoming a new mom was an incredible and life-changing experience. However, amidst the joy and wonder of motherhood, I faced a significant challenge: organizing healthy eating habits. Time seemed to slip through my fingers, exhaustion weighed me down, and my primary focus was caring for my precious baby.